Important notice: MACRAO Transfer Agreement sunset in Fall 2019

The MACRAO Transfer Agreement can no longer be completed by students as of Fall 2019. If you started working toward completing the MACRAO Transfer Agreement previously and didn't finish, you should discuss with a college or university advisor about how to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Institutions that accepted the MACRAO Transfer Agreement previously should still continue to accept it from students who completed the requirements prior to Fall 2019.

What is the MACRAO Transfer Agreement?

The following information is provided for historical reference only:
The MACRAO Transfer Agreement was designed to facilitate transfer from community colleges to baccalaureate colleges and universities. It provided for transferability of up to 30 semester credits to meet many (and in some cases all) of the General Education Requirements at participating Michigan four-year colleges and universities. Students could complete the MACRAO Transfer Agreement as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone package.

Once the specified set of courses was completed, the courses transferred and were applied toward meeting the general education requirements at the four-year college or university. While many Michigan colleges and universities honored the MACRAO Transfer Agreement, some participated in a more limited manner.

MACRAO Transfer Agreement Requirements

A minimum of 30 semester hours of coursework was required at one of Michigan’s participating community colleges. The courses needed to satisfy the MACRAO requirements were as follows:

  • English Composition - 6 credit hours
  • Science and Math - 8 credit hours (Courses must be taken from a minimum of two subject areas. At least one science course must include a laboratory.)
  • Social Science - 8 credit hours (Courses must be taken from a minimum of two subject areas.)
  • Humanities - 8 credit hours (Courses must be taken from a minimum of two subject areas.)

MACRAO Transcript Posting

When coursework requirements for meeting the MACRAO Transfer Agreement were completed, the student requested that their transcript have the notation "MACRAO Transfer Agreement Satisfied" added. Some community colleges required the student to initiate a formal request to have the MACRAO notation added. Students should check with the Registrar’s Office at their community college regarding the procedure to be followed.

Provisions, Limitations, & Exceptions

Not all Michigan colleges and universities participated in the MACRAO Transfer Agreement; some participated fully and others participated with various limitations and/or provisions (also known as provisos). The agreement applied only to those colleges and universities which participated in the agreement. To learn about an institution’s level of participation, students should contact their community college counselor or advisor and an admissions representative from the institution(s) where they are considering attendance. A complete list of participating institutions and provisos can be found below.

The following are a list of institutions and their provisos in relation to the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) Agreement between two-year and four-year institutions. All students are strongly encouraged to contact a representative at the following institutions for more detailed information before transferring.

Public & Private Two-Year Colleges

Henry Ford College (last updated 9/29/2014)

Kirtland Community College (last updated 5/29/2018)

Students must take one course before they can request transcripts. For additional information on transcripts, please contact the Registrar's office at 989.275.5000, ext. 251 or online at

Students interested in obtaining the MACRAO agreement satisfied stamp on their transcript must request an evaluation. Transcripts of Kirtland Community College students graduating with a transfer degree will automatically have the "MACRAO Agreement Satisfied" designation added to the end of their transcript.

Macomb Community College (last updated 11/6/2018)

Courses used in fulfilling the MACRAO certification must have grades that are 2.00 (C) or higher. A minimum of fifteen (15) hours of Macomb Community College credit must be used to fulfill the Macomb Community College "MACRAO Satisfied" stamp. For additional information on transcripts, please contact Enrollment Office at 586.445.7225. Effective August 1, 2011.

Students interested in obtaining MACRAO agreement satisfied stamp on their transcript must request an evaluation.

Schoolcraft College (last updated 8/2/2019)

As of December 1, 2010: Students must complete ENG 101, 102; 8 credits or more in each Humanities, Sciences (one course must contain a lab) and Social Science areas. The 8 hours in each of these areas must be comprised of credits from more than one discipline within each area. For example, to complete the science requirement, a student should choose one course from Math and one from Biology; the student cannot select two courses in Math totaling 8 hours. Schoolcraft College will issue MACRAO designation if a student completes ENG 101 and 102 on a quarter hour system and does not meet the 8 credit hours due to quarter to semester conversions. We will not grant exceptions to the 8 hours required in Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences due to quarter hour to credit hour conversions.

Students working to obtain the MACRAO designation on their Schoolcraft transcript must earn at least one-half (15 credit hours)of the MACRAO applicable courses at Schoolcraft College. Courses used in fulfilling the MACRAO certification must have grades at a 2.0 or higher.

Some applied courses may not be used to satisfy MACRAO. Contact the Advising Center at 734.462.4429 for additional information. Students interested in obtaining the MACRAO stamp on their transcript must request an evaluation.

Southwestern Michigan College (last updated 3/1/2016)

Completion of requirements for the MACRAO Transfer Agreement does not necessarily mean that a student has fulfilled the requirements for a specific Southwestern Michigan College associate degree; to meet MACRAO a student will need to complete a minimum of 30 credits of which at least 3 credits are from an academic course taken at SMC.

Students of Southwestern Michigan College graduating with an Associate of Arts or Science degree will automatically have the MACRAO Agreement Satisfied designation posted to their transcript. All other students who wish to have their transcript evaluated for the MACRAO Agreement Satisfied stamp must make a formal request. For additional information contact the Records and Registration Office at 269.782.1351 or online at

Wayne County Community College District (last updated 3/8/2016)

Students interested in obtaining the MACRAO agreement satisfied stamp on their transcript must request an evaluation. Please
contact the District Records Office: (313) 496-2631 or visit the website:

Public Four-Year Colleges

Eastern Michigan University (last updated 11/18/2018)

MACRAO Agreement
Students who started at a community college prior to Fall 2014 will have until the end of August 2019 to have their transcripts evaluated by a community college for the MACRAO agreement. Eastern Michigan University will continue to accept the MACRAO agreement with the following provisos:

One approved quantitative reasoning course (unless waived by an ACT math sub-score of 28 or SAT math subscore of 670);
One approved Perspectives on a Diverse World course (may be transferred from another college);
One approved Learning beyond the Classroom (LBC) course or experience completed at EMU.
One approved Writing Intensive course, to demonstrate the application of written communication skills within the major

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)
The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) satisfies EMU’s General Education Core Requirements.

Transfer students with an MTA endorsement on their transcript will only need to complete the General Education Application Requirements:
  • Perspectives on a Diverse World - Demonstrate the application of learning in either global awareness or U.S. Diversity by completing one course, which may be transferred in as a part of the MTA
  • Learning Beyond the Classroom - Demonstrate the application of classroom knowledge and obtain hands-on experience in settings outside of the classroom, which must be completed while at EMU
  • Writing Intensive - Demonstrate the application of written communication skills within the major, which must be completed with an EMU approved Writing Intensive course.

Ferris State University (last updated 6/19/2014)



Effective: Fall 2010

The Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) Transfer Agreement applies only to students entering bachelor degree programs at Ferris State University, pertains solely to general education, and does not exempt students from meeting specific prerequisite and/or course requirements for their degrees. Only courses with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better will transfer.

Students transferring to Ferris State University with MACRAO will have met the lower-division general education communication competency; scientific understanding; cultural enrichment; social awareness; race, ethnicity and gender; and global awareness requirements. In order to complete the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree, students with MACRAO must still complete math proficiency and upper-level communication competency requirements.

Many degrees require specific courses and prerequisite courses that also count for Ferris State University's general education requirements. Because these specific courses are required for the degree, they must be taken even if a student has sufficient coursework to complete the MACRAO agreement.

Individual college requirements or programmatic requirements supersede these general education transfer guidelines.

Grand Valley State University (last updated 9/25/2018)

Students who have the MACRAO Agreement will have fulfilled Foundations courses, freshman composition and one supplemental writing skills course. Students will need to demonstrate proficiencies in math and will be required to take two cultural classes, which could be fulfilled through MACRAO.

Lake Superior State University (last updated 7/25/2018)

Lake Superior State University does not have any provisos to the MACRAO agreement.

Michigan State University (last updated 9/25/2018)

Students should follow Integrative Studies requirements rather than MACRAO.

Northern Michigan University (last updated 3/30/2018)

Transfers Under the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA):
Students who transfer to Northern Michigan University from a Michigan community college who have Michigan Transfer Agreement Satisfied posted on their transcript will be considered to have met the requirements of NMU’s Liberal Studies/General Education program. Students will still be expected to complete all other degree requirements, including graduation requirements (world cultures, health promotions, and lab) and any courses listed as “Other Required Courses” that may also be Liberal Studies/General Education courses. Transfer students who do not complete the entire block of courses required by the MTA will receive credit for the courses they do complete on the basis of individual evaluation and established transfer equivalencies.

Transfers Under the MACRAO Agreement:
Students who transfer to Northern Michigan University from a Michigan community college who have the MACRAO stamp on their transcript have usually completed the first four divisions (or equivalent) of our liberal studies requirements which include foundations of communication (composition I and II), foundations of humanities, foundations of natural science and math, and foundations of social sciences. NMU employs a best fit approach to applying transfer credit which may, to the benefit of the student, apply credit to a requirement other than the four listed above.
NMU applies courses transferred under the MACRAO Agreement in accordance with guidelines established by its faculty. Courses used to satisfy the MACRAO Transfer Agreement will not apply toward NMU’s liberal studies programs if:
  • The grade earned in the course was less than a C-.
  • The course is not accepted for transfer credit by NMU. For example, mathematics courses below the level of college algebra are not accepted.
In the event that a student cannot transfer individual course(s) included in the MACRAO Agreement due to one of the reasons listed above, the student must complete a course at NMU that meets the specific divisional requirement.

The MACRAO Agreement is designed for freshman and sophomore requirements. It does not cover upper division requirements or graduation requirements not a part of the liberal studies requirements, although with careful selection of courses students may complete these requirements at the community college. NMU does not recognize the MACRAO Agreement if a student has attended a community college outside the state of Michigan, has attended a baccalaureate institution before or while attending a community college, or was originally matriculated at NMU and subsequently took courses at a community college. An exception to this policy is granted to transfer students from Bay College and Gogebic Community College who were dually enrolled at their community college and at NMU in approved consortium degree programs.

Oakland University (last updated 12/5/2017)

After transferring to Oakland University, students must complete a writing intensive course in the major and a capstone course. MACRAO transfer students must also either transfer in a course that is acceptable for the knowledge application requirement or take the course at Oakland University after transferring. Transfer students are exempt from the writing intensive in general education requirement. Under the MACRAO agreement, transfer students from participating Michigan public community colleges must present for review a transcript bearing the "MACRAO Agreement Satisfied" stamp.

Saginaw Valley State University (last updated 4/22/2019)

SVSU's commitment to Michigan community college students also is guaranteed in writing by the MACRAO Agreement and by the MTA. If your college has signed this agreement and you complete the MACRAO Agreement or the MTA requirements, you have met the majority of SVSU's freshman/sophomore general education requirements. For more information about how to earn the MACRAO Agreement or the MTA, contact your college counseling office. For more information about how the MACRAO Agreement or the MTA transfers to SVSU, contact the SVSU Office of Admissions to speak with a transfer admission representative.

Wayne State University (last updated 3/21/2018)

Wayne State University has the following provisos to the MACRAO Agreement:
  • Students will be required to satisfy the University's mathematics General Education requirement, which can be accomplished by completion of a college-level math course with a minimum grade of 2.0/C, or appropriate scores on standardized tests (CLEP, Advanced Placement, ACT Math test, or Math Qualifying Exam.) College-level math is a course considered College Algebra or higher.
  • Students must also satisfy all College requirements for their specific programs.
  • Agreement effective for transfers entering Wayne State University in the fall term 2013 or after.

Western Michigan University (last updated 1/31/2018)

Students who have fulfilled the requirements of the MACRAO agreement will have satisfied WMU's lower-level General Education requirements. Such students need only satisfy Western's six hour upper-level requirement of 3000-4000-level General Education course work from the distribution areas and complete the baccalaureate-level writing course (Proficiency 2). Students should send a final, updated transcript which denotes the completion of the MACRAO prior to enrollment.


Private Four-Year Colleges

Albion College (last updated 4/7/2014)

Students with an official transcript marked "MACRAO approved" for an associate of arts (A.A.) degree from a Michigan community or junior college are exempt from taking the First-Year Seminar and the Modes of Inquiry requirement, and they may be admitted at the junior level. However, the following graduation requirements must be met: the category requirements and the writing competence requirement. A maximum of 16 units (64 semester hours) may be transferred from accredited community or junior colleges.

Aquinas College (last updated 8/4/2017)

Student entering Aquinas College who have completed the MTA and an Associates of Arts Degree have satisfied the general education requirements except for a course in Theological Foundations. Students will also need to complete the general education competency requirements from the following categories if not already complete through transfer of credit.

• Writing Intensive
• Quantitative Reasoning
• Senior Capstone
• Global Perspectives
• English & Mathematics & Technology proficiencies

Students may also transfer with the Michigan Transfer Agreement before completion of an associate degree where a minimum of 30 hours required for the MTA will complete general education requirements at Aquinas College.

Aquinas College will accept a maximum of 64 transfer credits earned at a community college.

College for Creative Studies (last updated 2/28/2019)

College for Creative Studies is a signatory member in the Michigan Transfer Agreement and agrees to the policies and procedures outlined. The two‐year institution must verify that a student has met the terms of the agreement.


Concordia University-Ann Arbor (last updated 11/17/2015)

Enrolled and returning students must have course substitutions approved by the Registrar.

All credit hour requirements are based on the semester academic calendar.
A maximum of 70 credits will be accepted from a two-year college.
A maximum of 90 credits will be accepted from a four-year college/university.
Accepted credits may be applied to core curriculum, major, or minor courses.

Final decisions on course substitutions not listed on transfer guides are made by the Registrar.
A grade of C- (1.6667) or better is required for all transfer courses.

Davenport University (last updated 5/16/2016)

Davenport University will accept all 30 credit hours needed to satisfy the MACRAO Transfer Agreement requirements, however there are additional credit hours that student's must take to meet the general education requirements for the degree they are pursuing at Davenport University. These additional credit hours vary by College and are detailed below:

Maine College of Business:
An additional 9 credit hours of general education coursework is required for all the Maine School of Business - Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs.

College of Health Professions:
Depending on the degree program chosen, 4-10 credit hours of additional general education coursework is required for all the School of Health Professions - Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration degree programs.

College of Technology:
An additional 6 credit hours of general education coursework is required for all the School of Technology - Bachelor of Science degree programs.

Grace Christian University(last updated 7/17/2018)

MTA receiving institution

Madonna University (last updated 4/11/2019)

Madonna University welcomes students who have fulfilled the MACRAO agreement. For information regarding our provisos, please refer to our website:

Northwood University (last updated 3/22/2018)

Transfer students who have earned an Associate degree from an accredited institution will have their degree accepted by Northwood University in total. The following courses are general education requirements at Northwood and may be transferred. Transferring students will be required to take these courses at Northwood unless equivalent courses can be found on the transcript.

General Education Curriculum for Transfer Students:
•English Composition 2 courses (6 credits)
•Science Course (3 credits)
•Math course that is equivalent to College Algebra or Finite Mathematics or higher (3 credits)
•Statistics (3 credits)
•Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (6 credits)
•Introduction to American Government (3 credits)
•Psychology or Sociology (3 credits)
•Humanities (3 credits)
•History: Western Civilization is preferred; however, history courses will be evaluated for appropriate substitutions within the Northwood curriculum (3 credits)
•Computer applications (3 credits)
•Speech (3 credits)
•Ethics (3 credits)

Students who transfer to Northwood with less than 60 hours in transfer must complete the general education requirements as explained in the University catalog. Grades below a C (2.00) will not be accepted by Northwood for students who have not completed an associate degree.

Rochester University (last updated 5/25/2018)

RC accepts the MACRAO agreement, but a student must take literature, intermediate algebra (or higher), and meet our Christian values requirement.

Sacred Heart Major Seminary (last updated 2/16/2015)

Sacred Heart Major Seminary is a signer of the Michigan Transfer Agreement.

Siena Heights University (last updated 7/24/2018)

Transfer students that have earned an Associate degree from an accredited institution will have their degree accepted by Siena Heights in total.

Students that have earned at least 60 hours in transfer credit will need to complete the following requirements for a baccalaureate degree from Siena Heights University.
Liberal Arts Curriculum for Transfer Students 60+
1. English Composition 2 courses--equivalent to ENG101 & ENG102 at Siena Heights.
2. Lab Science Course or a Math course that is equivalent to MAT143-Society and Statistics at Siena Heights.
3. Completion of one 3 hour course in one of the following areas: Social Science, Fine/Performing Arts activity, History, or Literature.
(1 to 3 may use a transfer course to fulfill that requirement)
4. Completion of a Philosophy or Religious Studies course in residency at Siena Heights.
5. Completion of LAS301-The Adult Learner at Siena Heights.
6. Completion of LAS401-Senior Seminar: Integrative Experience at Siena Heights.
7. Completion of 30 hours in residency at Siena Heights.
8. Completion of 30 hours at the Junior/Senior level.
9. Completion of all requirements for a major as stated in the University catalog.
10. Completion of at least 120 hours with a 2.00 minimum grade point average for the baccalaureate degree.
11. All students must complete and show proficiency in English and Mathematics to graduate. This may be done through course work or testing. This is detailed in the University catalog.

Students that transfer to Siena Heights with less that 60 hours in transfer must complete the total Liberal Arts Curriculum as explained in the University catalog. No D grades will be accepted by Siena Heights for students that have not completed an associate degree.

All evaluations must be based on official transcripts received by the Registrar's Office at Siena Heights University.

Transcripts will not be issued by the Registrar's Office of Siena Heights University until the requesting student has enrolled and completed at least one course with Siena Heights University.

Spring Arbor University (last updated 1/10/2019)

SAU has been a participant in the MACRAO Agreement since it originated back in the 1970’s. The MACRAO Agreement was designed to facilitate the transfer of general education requirements from one institution to another. If you have met the MACRAO Agreement and it is stamped on your official transcript, it will be applied to meet the following General Education requirements at SAU:
University Liberal Arts and Competency Requirements (36 hours)
In addition, each course will be individually evaluated and could also be used to meet competency, major/minor, or other degree requirements.
The MACRAO Agreement requires you to complete a minimum 30 semester hours of college-level credit in the following areas as specified by your community college:
• English Composition (6 semester hours)
• Natural Science (8 semester hours in more than one discipline, At least one science course must include a laboratory)
• Social Science (8 semester hours in more than one discipline)
• Humanities (8 semester hours in more than one discipline)
Please note that this agreement is being replaced by the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) for students starting at a community college fall 2014 or later. SAU will continue to accept the MACRAO Transfer Agreement through the summer of 2019. A student currently pursuing the MACRAO agreement may choose to instead complete the MTA. Please see the details for this agreement above.
To view additional information for transfer students, including a link to Transfer Equivalencies please click .