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RSVP Form and College Fair Calendar are now Live!

MACRAO Members & Affiliates:

The College Day/Night Committee has finalized the fall MACRAO college fair calendar! The following links include the calendar, the universal RSVP and other useful resources. Please let the committee know if you have any questions.

MACRAO College Fair Calendar
View the fall calendar. Please forward the calendar link to your counselors/reps who will be attending the college fairs for your institution. Representatives/counselors should access their specific fair information in the Google Calendar. The event can be added to their calendar and will include address information, host coordinators contact information, fair details and possibly forms/links/google docs to fill out prior to the event.

MACRAO College Day/Night RSVP Form
The Universal RSVP can be used to indicate which fairs you plan to attend. We recommend an RSVP date of August 15th.

College Fair RSVP List
To review your institution's responses in the Universal RSVP and for host sites to see who will be attending their fair. If you must change any responses, please access the original RSVP form, make amendments, AND contact a host site directly to determine if space is still available (contact information is available within each calendar event).

Thanks to all for your patience in implementing this process. MACRAO members are encouraged to respond to sanctioned events through this new RSVP format only, no additional response is required. We are assisting host site coordinators with this new process.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the CDN committee.

Cheers to a new recruitment cycle!

MACRAO College Day Night Committee
Chair – Jill Irving

Member – Stephanie Briggs
Member – Mike Eichberger

Member – Megan Hoover

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Who is eligible to be on a MACRAO committee? Any current member... institutional, affiliate, individual, or honorary. If your institution is a MACRAO member and you work in the areas of registration, records, admissions, recruitment, or related fields, you're eligible! (If you're not already listed as an institutional member, ask your school's key contact to request that you get added to the membership list.)

Request to join a committee by filling out the online committee membership form. The President-Elect reviews all applications and appoints volunteers to committees, pending final approval by the Board of Directors.

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