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Web Editor and Communications Coordinator for 2021 and beyond

With our current Web Editor Tom Kephart moving into the President role for 2021 and current Communications Coordinator Amy Wisniewski moving into the President-Elect role, we're looking for someone to take over responsibility for those positions. These positions are non-voting members of the Board of Directors and work closely with the Membership Coordinator and Events Coordinator in our membership management and content management tool, MemberClicks.

Experience with the backend of websites is a plus for the Web Editor position, but MemberClicks is very user-friendly, so if you know your way around Microsoft Word pretty well, you'll be fine.

Familiarity with compiling electronic newsletters, familiarity with online message board and other communications tools, and a knack for social media are plusses for the Communications Coordinator position.

Training will be provided for both positions.

If you're interested, please fill out the Web Editor Application form or the Communications Coordinator Application form.

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Get involved! Join a MACRAO committee!

MACRAO's standing committees are where the real energy and innovation happens. Our committees work on professional development opportunities, discuss and develop best practices and other solutions, and create networking opportunities and friendships that provide support when we need it most!

Who is eligible to be on a MACRAO committee? Any current member... institutional, affiliate, individual, or honorary. If your institution is a MACRAO member and you work in the areas of registration, records, admissions, recruitment, or related fields, you're eligible! (If you're not already listed as an institutional member, ask your school's key contact to request that you get added to the membership list.)

Request to join a committee by filling out the online committee membership form. The President-Elect reviews all applications and appoints volunteers to committees, pending final approval by the Board of Directors.

Take the next step in your professional career... join a MACRAO committee today!

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Follow MACRAO on social media

Yes, MACRAO is on social media just like all of the cool kids. Follow us so you know what's cool!