Bill Potter
November 1999

William (Bill) Potter received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1992, while employed as the Registrar at Alma College in Alma. “Hard working” and “dedicated” are words used to describe Bill, along with “a good friend” and “negotiator”.

Bill’s undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts from Alma College in 1973 and later, in 1976 he began working in Higher Education as the Assistant Registrar at Alma College, his alma mater. In 1980, he was promoted to Registrar and in that same year he earned his MA from Central Michigan University. In 1993, after receiving his Ph.D., he was again recognized for his contributions and knowledge, and abilities and promoted to Dean of Academic Affairs at Alma. Bill left Alma in 1999 to join Ferris State University as Dean of the University College.

Bill has been a member of MACRAO since 1976 and began his participation as a member of the Statistical Information and Research Committee. He later was also a member of the Enrollment Management Committee and the Registrar’s Practices Committee. Bill was nominated and elected to the post of Treasurer and served two years in that position (1990-1992). In 1993, he began the progression of President-elect, President and Past President and eventually became chair of the nominating committee. In addition to the duties of the offices he held, due to the relocation of another officer, Bill had the unique opportunity to assume the duties of both President and President-elect and plan and chair two MACRAO Fall Conferences. The MACRAO constitution was reviewed, updated and revised under Bill’s leadership and guiding hand. During Bill’s tenure on the executive committee, in addition to creating a new appreciation for Robert’s Rules of Order, the team of Potter and Loyer became well known, with Bill many times fulfilling the role of “straight man” for Ed Loyer. Bill’s AACRAO activities include a term as a member of the College and University Editorial Board (our AACRAO professional publication).

Bill is an avid golfer and enjoys it very much. He reads a lot, enjoys historical novels and mysteries and also going to the movies with his wife, Nancy. Bill and Nancy recently celebrated their 26th anniversary and are the parents of four sons.

Many MACRAO members have learned much from Bill, and he was a mentor to many who served on committees with him. Bill is admired and respected by all in MACRAO who knew and had the opportunity to work with him.

MACRAO is honored to present Honorary Membership to Bill Potter
November 4, 1999