The NewsletterSpring 1999 Volume 39, Number 1

The Newsletter of the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

A Message from the President

Happy Spring!! It seems almost impossible that so many months have passed since we were together at the fall conference. The first MACRAO event has taken place and was a huge success. Over 86 Registrars attended the Registrars Drive-In-Information Exchange sponsored by the Registrars Practices Committee. Vickie Stewart, Chair of the committee, created a worthwhile agenda and information exchange that will prove fruitful for the Fall Conference agenda items.

As president-elect, one is focused on planning a conference, which is a huge responsibility in itself. As President, I can now truly see the best and brightest of the association at work, at its best dealing with issues which we face each day as Registrars and Admissions Professionals: issues that affect how we service our current and prospective students like putting transfer equivalencies on the web, gathering and sharing data between two year and four year institutions, revising guest processes to enhance our process and reaffirm our commitment to a guest student at all our institutions and, establishing our MACRAO web page in a continuous improvement process which highlights the Association and draws attention to Michigan’s two year and four year colleges and universities using the most innovative steps possible.

Each year the MACRAO Executive Committee and the MACRAO Committees continue to reach out to the association and strategize about these very issues. This year is no exception. The Fall Conference planning is underway. Karen has a wide range of sessions to choose from for the Fall conference. Each session that was submitted by the committees has the breadth and depth worthy of a Fall conference. Karen’s local Arrangements Committee is busily itemizing the ingredients for a Magical MACRAO Potion, one I can guarantee you will not forget! The Summer Articulation Conference is shaping up to be a virtual summer that is worth your time to check out. Between the Michigan Virtual University and the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative coming into focus fast and furiously, you will by next fall have a greater understanding of what VIRTUAL MEANS TO YOU, and your college, and the MACRAO involvement.

The committees through our MACRAO conferences, meetings, newsletters and web page, will bring you the latest and most up-to-date information about these state initiatives. We have a new Newsletter Editor, Sue Beerbower, from Jackson Community College. Sue has agreed to coordinate the newsletter development. We all thank Ed Loyer for his dedication all these years not only to the Executive Committee but for his leadership with the newsletter.

I have created a task force to come up with some recommendations on involving the past presidents, past Directors of Admissions, and Registrars in leadership roles within the organization. It seems once many of our colleagues rise to leadership roles within the MACRAO organization, when their obligations are fulfilled, they are not as active in events, committees etc. It is vital to our continued growth and leadership role within the state and nationally to establish a mentor program between new members and past members. It is essential to our continued professional development that we learn from our past leaders so as to better equip ourselves to stay a fluid and dynamic organization. And lastly, it is our membership, both those that have served and those who are willing in the wings to serve, to create an ever-learning environment. The four past presidents which I have appointed to the task force are Jim Dwyer – Director of Admissions at Saginaw Valley State University, Ron Hughes – Registrar at Macomb Community College, Ed Loyer – University of Michigan, and Paul Schmidt – Registrar at Monroe Community College. Paul Schmidt will chair the committee. It is my hope that by the Fall conference we will submit to the membership a worthwhile leadership plan.

I will cherish this year because I will have the privilege to attend each event and spread the good word about MACRAO. To you the membership, I say thank you for your support and good work. Without you, we would not have an active, innovative association which prides itself on a high level of involvement. I look forward to seeing you soon!

- Lisa Kujawa

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