Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrar's and Admission Officers

Fall 1999 Newsletter

From the President

Guest Application Ad Hoc Committee

The Guest Application Ad Hoc Committee will be finalizing the guest application revisions in time for the Fall 1999 MACRAO conference. A year ago, the membership had many discussions about the guest application, its use and purpose. Various sessions at the Fall conference as well as the Articulation Workshop have addressed the memberships concerns and questions. The Ad Hoc was appointed by the MACRAO President to review the purpose and use of the application and update the fields on the application. A final version of the revised guest application will be distributed at the business meeting at the Fall 1999 Conference. The members of the committee are the following:

Lisa Kujawa, Lawrence Technical University
Bill Wilkinson, Henry Ford Community College
Marcie Kehoe, Central Michigan University
Diane Praet, UD Mercy
Bill Headley, Macomb Community College


Virtual Learning Committee and MVU

The Virtual Learning Committee was an outgrowth of conversations between the Michigan Virtual University and the MACRAO Executive Committee. The committee will meet in October to explore the needs of the MVU regarding student services online. MACRAO has agreed to work in cooperation to establish a plan of action for servicing students who take classes through virtual learning. Part of the process is to define and develop a student service process which all MACARO member universities are in agreement to adopt and implement for virtual learning. Jamey Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Development and Education Policy, and Irene Onderchanin, Executive Director of Information Technology and Systems, will be representing the MVU. The MACRAO members in the committee are the following:

Holly Diamond, Walsh College
Cathy Philbin, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Ann Liska, Lawrence Technological University
Karen Klumpp, Alma College
Paul Schmidt, Monroe Community College
Mark Ulseth, Henry Ford Community College
Susan Cushnier, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Sue Beerbower, Jackson Community College
Frank Hribar, Madonna University


President's Update

The Fall Conference is quickly approaching. The conference materials should be coming to you within the next week. Karen Klumpp, President Elect, the Local Arrangements Committee and the MACRAO Committees have a great program planned. Each year MACRAO develops worthwhile workshops and conference sessions for the professional development of each of our members. This year is no exception. I have attended all MACRAO events this year, and I am more impressed with what our organization is involved with and our ability to reach out and impact higher education. The New Counselor Workshop drew 41 new Admissions Counselors. I encouraged each one of them to become involved with the MACRAO organization. It is critical to the success of MACRAO’s future endeavors to build a knowlegdable assocation that can continue to develop and integrate our expertise into the issues facing higher education. The newsletter is one of our vehicles of communication to our membership. Take time to review what has happened over these many months and what is planned for the future. I look forward to seeing you in November.

-Lisa Kujawa


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