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As one of our members said: “You learn more about MACRAO and about what’s going on in Michigan when you are involved. “So... get involved!” Professional development is an important part of MACRAO, and committee work is a great way to give to the organization and to Michigan higher education while advancing your own skills and opportunities! Questions? Phone Karen Klumpp at Alma College (517) 463-7176 or e-mail

Committee on Articulation
Promotes communication and articulation between postsecondary educational institutions, monitors articulation agreements, and addresses specialized problems encountered by students in the transfer of credit.
*Promotes the MACRAO Transfer Agreement.
*Sponsors the Annual Summer Articulation Workshop.
*Distributes the Michigan Uniform Guest Application.
*Publishes the Guide for Transfer Students. *Serves as Liaison for MACRAO with State Board of Education on articulation issues.
*Publishes the MACRAO Transfer Agreement brochure.

Committee on Graduate & Professional Studies
Promotes the professional development of graduate admissions and registrar personnel.
*Enhances the awareness of graduate opportunities.
*Fosters increased communication and cooperation within this group.

Committee on College Day/Night Programs
Promotes close communication between secondary schools and colleges and represents the association in all aspects of college day/night programs in Michigan. These include the approved college day/night guidelines, evaluations and calendar of events.
*Serves as liaison with MASSP and MACAC.
*Establishes and promotes the annual approved college day/night calendar.
*Coordinates regional scheduling conflicts and redundant or inefficient services.

Committee on Equal Education Opportunity
Encourages and promotes affirmative action efforts involving ethnic minorities, women and the educationally disadvantaged through planned programs.
*Conducts the EEO Survey of Michigan postsecondary schools.
*Provides recognition awards to Michigan colleges/universities for outstanding programs.

Committtee on Enrollment Management
*Assists in promoting an understanding of the institutional enrollment management concept.
*Develops and promotes effective techniques to predict outcomes and assess results.

Committee on Registrar's Practices
Undertakes projects concerned with improved registration techniques, grading policies and practices, and the maintenance of adequate and accurate records, suggests procedures for the quality and production of transcripts as well as to establish standards for all areas of academic records management: security storage, retention, retrieval, generation, recording and maintenance.
*Sponsors the Annual Registrar's Drive-In Exchange.
*Publishes "What is an Official Transcript" brochure.
*Publishes the "Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Guidelines for Michigan Colleges and Universities" brochure.

Committee on Secondary Schools College Relations
Promotes the in-service training and professional development of admissions personnel on relevant issues, projects and activities. Promotes communication and articulation between secondary schools and colleges in Michigan.
*Sponsors New Professional Workshop.
*Serves as Liaison for MACRAO between MASSP and State Board of Education.
*Prepared the Model H.S. Guidelines Program for College-bound Students.
*Produces the Directory of Michigan Secondary Schools.

Committee on Professional Development
Undertakes projects assigned by the Executive Committee. Identifies and undertakes activities and professional development opportunities that complement or extend beyond the normal range of the other standing committees (i.e., projects focusing attention on office organizations and management, special media projects and publications).
*Sponsors the Annual Support Staff Workshop (a national award winner).
*Sponsors other professional activities.

Data and Technology Application (DATA)
To facilitate the ethical and effective utilization of technology and data.
*Serves as the primary forum in which those interested in data acquisition, processing, analysis and interpretation and dissemination can meet to discuss issues and concerns.
*Performs the work in answering research questions identified by the Executive Committee on an ad hoc basis.
*Maintains the MACRAO website as infrastructure to support data gathering, analysis and reporting. *Develops and support recommendations for organizational standards and procedures.
*Addresses the legal and policy issues related to technology and their impact on education.
*Informs members of existing and developing trends in technology, hardware and software.


Support Staff Workshop New Professionals Workshop
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