Tory Parsons
November 2003

Tory has been a member of MACRAO since 1991 and served on a variety of committees including College Day/Night (1993-1996, Chair 1996), Nominating Committee (1997), Secondary School Relations (1997-1999, Chair 1999), and the Executive Board (2000-2003). She describes her time spent with MACRAO as being “extremely rewarding and a very valuable professional development opportunity.”

Beginning in Fall 2003, Tory made a career change. She has left higher education to become a high school counselor at Lowell High School. Prior to that, Tory spent 12 years in Admissions at both Central Michigan University and Grand Valley State University working with freshmen, transfer and graduate recruitment.

Tory hopes to continue her involvement in professional organizations and encourages others to get involved in MACRAO. “It helped me to grow as a professional, gain leadership skills and allowed me the opportunity to learn from my colleagues in the field of higher education”.

MACRAO congratulates Tory Parsons on receiving honorary membership. Through her roles as a committee member, committee chair and the leadership track of MACRAO including the Presidency, her efforts were always tireless and she set an excellent example of all of us.