Joseph J. Jorfi
November 2000


Joseph J. Jorfi retired from Eastern Michigan University on January 15, 2000 after 28 years of service. Joseph stands out in his commitment to providing outstanding service to prospective transfer and currently enrolled students. He was known throughout Eastern Michigan University and Community Colleges within Michigan and Ohio for working with, and helping students resolve problems they encountered while attending or preparing to attend the university.

His career at EMU began in a different venue – University Computing in 1970. Yes, Joe came to the Admissions Office as the Assistant Director of Internal Operations from University Computing where he was the Coordinator of Divisional Programming for Student Affairs in 1980. He designed and maintained systems for the Admissions Office, and for many years, was the only person in the office who knew anything about computers! In fact, when he took a day off, or a vacation, he’d have to maintain the system from his location.

Eventually, Joseph was able to focus his energy on providing information, support, and encouragement to prospective transfer students. As the Transfer Coordinator, he was diligent in his efforts as an advocate for transfer students.

Joseph represented Eastern Michigan University in MACRAO, and became highly involved in the organization and for many years maintained the Admissions, Enrollment and Degree Information, and Transfer Migration Reports.

1998 Local Arrangements Committee

1995-1998 Professional Development Committee (Chair, 1997, 1998)

1990-1994 Statistical Information Committee (Chair, 1993, 1994)

1986-1989 Statistical Information Committee

Joseph received multiple degrees between Washtenaw Community College and Eastern Michigan University.

Joseph and his wife Beverly live in Ann Arbor, their two children (Brenda and Rebecca) live close by in Ann Arbor and Saline. Beverly and Joseph are proud grandparents of three wonderful grandchildren (Ashley, Brittany and Melissa).

Joseph and Beverly will have a very busy retirement between living in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Florida. He will be very involved in the future between helping senior citizens whenever possible with repair projects, visiting or just chatting, elementary school mentor/reader, possible library story teller, Neighborhood Watch, advisor/mentor for community college students, his wife, children, grandchildren, vacations, computer consulting firm and community volunteer activities. Who ever said life slows down when you retire! It’s a figment of ones imagination.