Jim Spindler
November 1999


Jim Spindler is retired now, and he and his wife Nan have a place in Florida right on the golf course….so you know what keeps him busy in retirement. (It’s probably not golf—it’s driving back and forth to Florida.)

Jim, we are glad to have this opportunity to honor you with Honorary Membership in MACRAO.

Jim received his Bachelors Degree from Central Michigan University and his Master of Arts Degree from Michigan State University. In addition to his degree, Jim has a lot of history at Central as his father-in-law, George Lauer, was a long time Registrar at CMU as well as being a MACRAO past president (and also an Honorary Member of MACRAO). George sure must have set a good example for Jim. This may be a first for MACRAO—two Honorary Members from the same family.

Jim retired from Kellogg Community College as Registrar, where he held that post since 1973. Prior to that he was the Director of Admissions and Registration for a couple of years. Jim has been in education and higher education for quite a while, starting out in 1965, as a teacher of instrumental music in Grand Ledge. (And all this time, we thought we only had guitars…we could have added a trombone and a rap singer to Ad Hoc Rock!) After Grand Ledge, Jim went to Southwestern Michigan College for a while where he was Director of Admissions and Registrar and then Assistant Dean of Student Services, and then eventually wound up at Kellogg in 1971.

Jim’s MACRAO activities include membership on the Ad-hoc Committee on Non-Traditional Grading, The Special Projects Committee, (he also served as Chair of the Special Projects Committee), the MACRAO Legislative Concerns Committee, the Registrar’s Practices Committee, the Statistical Information and Research Committees, and in 1993-1994, served on the executive board as Treasurer of MACRAO. This was Jim’s second term as Treasurer, the first being back in 1977 and 1978. Here’s another little known fact about Jim: In addition to having been on the Local Arrangements Committee for the Kalamazoo Conference, Jim serves as the President and Chair of the Florence Nightingale Club that saved Jim Dwyer from the flu that year. It’s my understanding that the club is still active at each MACRAO conference.

MACRAO is pleased to present Honorary Membership to Jim Spindler.

November 4, 1999