David Schultz
November 1999


David is confused. He is one of those persons who can’t decide which team to root for when MSU plays the University of Michigan…he got his Bachelors degree from Michigan State University and his Masters degree from the University of Michigan. And you know what…he’s a member of both alumni associations!

Dave retired from Southwestern Michigan College as Vice President for Student Services and Registrar and prior to that he was Director of Admissions and Registrar for 5 years. Dave joined the college in 1971 changing jobs from the Director of Guidance at Brandywine High School, so his involvement with students goes back to his earliest employment. Dave has always been a student advocate and through his employment at Southwestern and his MACRAO involvement, many students have benefited from his guidance and advice.

In addition to his MACRAO involvement, Dave has been very active in community organizations, and his volunteerism has often resulted in being very active and influential. You know what happens next….he gets elected president of those organizations. Dave has been president of the Berrien/Cass/Van Buren Counselor Association, The Berrien Teachers Credit Union, The Greater Niles Big Brothers Association, The Niles Community Federal Credit Union, the Niles City Club, and also, he is a past president of our own MACRAO Association.

He’s a joiner also, and a member of Habitat for Humanity, the Niles and Dowagiac Optimist Clubs, Advisor to Phi Theta Kappa, and a member of the Howard Township Sportsmen Association. He is Superintendent of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday School, and active in a number of other organizations.

No wonder he had to retire….he’s too busy doing other things!

Dave and his wife, Joyce, live in Niles. Their two children (David and Juli) are both married and out of the house now, and Dave wanted everyone to know that they both are Southwestern Community College graduates.

MACRAO members probably don’t know that David owns a vineyard with 50 acres of Concord and Niagra grapes. (That may explain a few things.) He and Joyce also do a lot of traveling and have an area on their passports reserved for trips to Africa, Ireland and New Zealand.

Dave was unable to attend the 1999 MACRAO conference but had these words for MACRAO members:

“I want to thank all the members of MACRAO for their contributions to the Association.  Your efforts and involvement make this association one of the finest professional associations I’ve been involved with. Keep up the good work.”

MACRAO is pleased to present Honorary Membership to Dave Schultz.

November 4, 1999